Musicians Take Heed: This Can Harm Your Health

Music lovers and musicians of every genre can certainly relate to the words of reggae icon Bob Marley. Marley said the following regarding the power of music: “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” While physical pain might not come with the music enjoyed by adoring audiences, it’s been […]

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Neglecting This Will Impact Your Mental Health

There is a strong link between mental health and hearing loss according to new research. Besides this link, both conditions have something else in common – they frequently go overlooked and untreated by patients and health professionals. For millions of individuals who are seeking solutions to mental health issues, acknowledging this relationship could bring potential […]

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Care For Your Hearing Aids

What would you do if your hearing aids stopped working at a time when you needed them most. Like in the middle of a phone call? No one wants that to happen! Your hearing aids are a significant investment in your hearing, happiness, and overall health. Keeping them working at maximum condition lets you obtain […]

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Hearing Aids Slow Down Signs of Aging

You’ve been looking for a way to retain your youthfulness as you get older. Diet, exercise, and vitamins have all been part of your regimen. You’ve already spent a lot on retaining your hair and keeping wrinkles in check. You’ve even tried yoga. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can remain youthful and […]

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The Hidden Cause of Solitude Among Adults

The chances of having to deal with hearing loss increase as we get older. Millions are living with some degree of hearing loss. Unfortunately, people dealing with hearing loss often wait seven years after the first symptoms show up before finding help. Many older adults decide to dismiss their hearing loss, which can negatively impact […]

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Staving Off Alzheimer’s

Make no mistake: there are a few ways that you can maintain your mental acuteness and ward off disorders like cognitive decline, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. Remaining social is one of the most important while engaging in the workforce seems to be another. Whatever methods you employ to deal with cognitive decline, however, keeping your […]

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Why Getting Hearing Aids is a Good Financial Decision

Are hearing aids really worth the money? It’s a question many people experiencing hearing loss ask when they look at the price tag of hearing aids. However, when you buy a house you don’t see the price and say, “well being homeless is cheaper!” What’s more, if you look beyond the price tag, you might […]

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6 Tricks to Make Hearing Aid Batteries Last

6 Tricks to Make Hearing Aid Batteries Last The key to making hearing aids cost effective lies in just one component–the batteries. It is one of the largest financial concerns consumers face when shopping for hearing aids because the costs of replacing them can add up fast. Even more concerning, what if the batteries die […]

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